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FedRAMP LI-SaaS Assessment 
Helps your team get smart on FedRAMP Tailored

FedRAMP 3PAO Readiness Assessment (RAR)
Become FedRAMP Ready and included in the Marketplace

FedRAMP 3PAO Assessment 
We conduct the assessment required to achieve FedRAMP authorization

FedRAMP Advisory Services
Expertise ranging from quarterback leadership to manpower to audit liaison

FedRAMP Technology Selection
Provide guidance on pre-authorized platforms and software services that are right for you

FedRAMP Authorized Platforms & Services  

"FRAPS"...our eBook breaks it down and helps you determine if they can accelerate your FedRAMP authorization effort 

Are they right for your situation.

Understanding their limitations.

Agile FedRAMP Advisory to Help You Grow Business

When you engage with SecureIT, an accredited 3PAO, for FedRAMP assistance, we will not send you a questionnaire to complete.  We will pick up the phone and call you so that we better understand your organization, your cloud solution, and where you are in your journey. 

Choosing SecureIT provides your organization with experienced, accredited FedRAMP experts that partner with you to develop a plan for success, and provides the appropriate resources and leadership to achieve timely, efficient FedRAMP authorization.

SecureIT draws upon our extensive experience with NIST and SOC engagements to knock down the hurdles that organizations face with FedRAMP authorization. We bring the commitment and expertise to leverage existing processes and artifacts to increase efficiency and lessen impact on key personnel to help you achieve your federal market business objectives. 

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